Sunday, December 31, 2006

What a strange thing to do with a good piece of Cheese!

Every May on a steep hill in Gloucesterhire in the west of England thousands of people gather to watch a local contestants roll a 7lb Double Gloucester cheese down Coopers Hill.

Some say this is one of the oldest customs to have survived in England and no one seems to know why they do it. It is believed to have its roots in pre Roman times. it has even been suggested it is a pagan healing ritual!!

The cheese is rolled (and chased) down a ridiculously steep hill with the first to get to the bottom declared the winner, however they arrive. Simple you might say...aha ..the event is fraught with danger with the ambulances whisking injured competitors and spectators to hospital. Those that actually finish with ankles and legs in tact probably end up at the local pub. The Cheese travels at around 70 miles an hour and some of the participants said they felt they rolled down after it at the same speed.

The next Cheese Rolling and Wake takes place on 28 May 2007. This is the English at their weirdest.


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